Top 5 Short Domain Name Generators

Short domain name generators

Domain name to a large extent determines what your brand will be called, just like you have a name you answer to, every website in the world as a unique domain name, but unlike human name, domain name are very unique and there can’t be two of a domain name.

You’re going to be happy to know that I have put together a resources I call “short domain name generators” for you today that will help you find that right name by using the best domain name generators available.

What is Domain Name

Domain name is a crucial part of every website. To simply put, a domain name is your website name, the address/letter which Internet users will type into their browsers in order to access your website. For example facebook.com the domain name is facebook.com, likewise google.com, which is why it’s very important to have a good domain name in order to build a strong brand/business online.

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Features of a Good Domain Name?

Aside from the idea of what the function of your brand will be, the domain name is another backbone that to a large extent, determines how your brand/business/ will play out. So it requires both art and science.

In my experience, a good domain name should have the following features:

  • The domain name should be short – I like to work with 10 characters/letters maximum with some exceptions (say 6-14). Great examples of good and short domain name are “Google”, “Facebook”, “Microsoft”, all obeys the 10 characters max.
  • Should be easy to spell and pronounce so people have a more favorable association with it.
  • No numbers and no hyphens. Numbers especially can be difficult because potential visitors might not know whether to use the number or the written word while hyphens can be associated with spam domains.
  • Be brandable and unique. – Make sure there’s no closely related name to it so you may avoid confusing your audience and most importantly, it be a brandable name.
  • Should not violate any existing trademarks – Unfortunately, not even the best domain name generators can help with this so you will need to do market research to confirm you are safe.
  • Give people an idea of your site topic right in the name. So that anyone who ears your domain name will at least have a hint at the site’s purpose.
  • Be catchy and memorable, this is particularly important for bloggers looking to monetize their website.

I must make it clear that you don’t have to be rigid in following the features above, but be flexible enough to make sure you obey most of the rules above, for example, our website domain name SmallTipsBigIncome.com is actually longer than 10 characters but if you look at all other features of good domain name, you’ll agree that it just perfect for the purpose she’s here to serve.

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How to Decide on a Good Domain Name

Once you have a deep understanding of the features of a good domain name, it’ll be very easy for you to eventually decide on which domain name to go with. But then, you have to make a quick search to know if the domain name is actually available.

You can check for a domain name availability using this tool: InstantDomainSearch.

Right now, in the quest to decide on a good domain name, let’s move on to discover how to use a domain name generator (which is what this content is all about).

Should You Use a Domain Name Generator?

I’m going to be advice you here that you should actually consider a domain name generator when picking your new domain.

Why? Coming up with an unregistered name manually is quite a challenge, and you might actually come up with a cool name and come online to check the availability to discover that it’s not available. You can easily come up with short domain name using a generator as most domain name generators filter out unavailable names plus they all link to hosting companies for quick purchase.

But make sure you pick a good generator by paying attention to how it works and what it offers in the results. You will see that the list of the best domain name generators I provide below contains generators that use multiple APIs, NLP, exclusions and custom rules to create unique and brandworthy names.

Another good reason why you should consider a domain name generator is that you can perform all word relationships and letter substitutions yourself, but not in a few seconds. The generators are going to be able to return more results in seconds than you could in 24 hours. If you approach the domain generator with a range of possibilities then you will be able to find a good domain name relatively quickly.

To put it in a nice way, consider the generator as one of your padi/buddy. One who is very, very, good at brainstorming!

What are the best short domain name generators?

After much experimentation and testing, here are my top selections of the best short domain name generators in the market, plus what makes each of them great:

Domain Wheel

Domain Wheel

Domain Wheel is #1 on this list for a simple reason: It works and I love it.


  • Results are returned delivered.
  • Only returns domains that are available for purchase.
  • An excellent algorithm that picks up related topics.
  • Better creative suggestions: “rhymes with”, “sounds like”, random but related suggestions.
  • Users have the ability to select the extensions they’d like to include in the search.


  • More options are required so as to filter the results.
  • Random suggestions are really random.
  • You can’t easily check for social media availability.


Namelix is an AI powered business name generation tool and seriously impressive name generator tool for business names.


  • The UI is incredible.
  • You can include multiple keywords without crashing the search.
  • You can also include terms to exclude.


  • The website is slow.
  • You need to select to see available domains.
  • There’s no social media availability.
  • Non premium names are very short, even considering that’s part of the pitch.
  • The Premium names are much better. It feels like the cheap names are not using the same technology.


Panabee is the third best domain name generator I used during the test, but it was a close battle.


  • Social media availability.
  • An excellent related words section.
  • Panabee has an incredible amount of rules for manipulating keywords.
  • Panabee returns unavailable options with information on how you could potentially purchase it.


  • Clicking through to social media networks takes me away from the site.
  • Just two keywords could be limiting.


NameMesh - domain name generators

NameMesh has a great number of categories making it one of the best domain name generators available on the internet.


  • Multiple categories.
  • Choice of registrar.
  • Show social media availability.
  • Only returns available domains.


  • The infinite scroll can be annoying.
  • I got quite a few false positives in my search results.
  • No related terms available as an option or category.

Shopify Domain Generator

Shopify Domain Generator - domain name generators

Shopify have their own domain name generator and is the last of the best domain name generators on my list.


  • Nice structure to the names: most popular, other extensions, and alternatives.
  • You only see 10 options at a time, which makes it less overwhelming.


  • No filtering options at all.
  • They push Shopify a little too hard.
  • All of the domains seem to be really expensive.
  • Displays unavailable domains but with no options to explore further.
  • The alternative suggestions aren’t necessarily related to the search terms.
  • Only displays 10 results at a time. In some searches you might find 10 unavailable domains.

How to find your short domain name using a generator

This process is almost the same across all the generators presented above, all you just have to do is to simply input your seed/idea keyword to start with and let your creative juice flow as you figure explore the result provided.

Note that you can also try the different tools to explore each unique function from each and most importantly, the automation.

See the search result for growth on Domain Wheel and Namelix:


I do hope you find this content useful, if you need any further clarification, kindly drop your comment below.

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