5 Smart Ways for Choosing a Profitable Domain Name

Choosing a Profitable Domain Name

One of the major decisions to make when starting an online business is choosing a domain name. Many people assume the most important aspect of a website design process is the design (look and feel), I would say choosing a profitable domain name is equally important.

Whatever name you choose could either make you a household brand in your chosen field or otherwise. Another thing you must also consider when choosing your domain name is the Search Engines.

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With the advent of so many websites out there, choosing the right name can be daunting, but it can be easier if you follow these 5 smart steps:

#1 Name Your Brand – Be Creative

The first place to start is to determine what your business is about and weave a name around it. Be creative. Make sure you have researched for similar names to avoid confusion. The key here is to be original, innovative when choosing a domain name. Avoid anything too similar to existing names and don’t violate trademark rules.

Example: The STBI domain name is SmallTipsBigIncome.com mere looking and hearing the domain name will give you a quick idea of what this website is all about without raking your head.

#2 Correct Spelling

Try all you could to get a domain name that can be properly spelt. By doing this, you are making life easier for whoever visits your website. The name must not be confusing or ambiguous.

Example: AnswerThePublic.com which is a free visual keyword research and content idea tool. You can see that the name is correctly spelt and direct.

#3 Use Short Names

Have you ever wondered why three-four-letter domain names get picked faster than any other? This is because, these short names are easier to spell and remember. The shorter your domain name, the lesser the typo errors. There is this rule I usually apply and it works for me; make sure your domain name can be communicated via phone. Make it short and simple.

Example: edx.org – a platform for free online courses from the world best universities. Just 3 letter words, simple and unique.

#4 Extension Matters (.com, .net, .info etc)

Here, I’ll advice you stick with .com extension. This Top-Level-Domain (TLD) is the most widely used and accepted of all the extensions available. For an average man that uses the Internet, the .com extension comes to mind anytime a domain name is mentioned. But if you have a website or run a business that is country/region-based, you can go for the ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domains) e.g. Nigeria (.ng) United Kingdom (.uk), Canada (.ca), Australia (.au) etc.

Example: alltop.com, lettersofhope.org.uk, fuoye.edu.ng, and techpoint.ng

#5 Be Unique

Whatever domain name you go for should give your customers a quick peek into what your business is about. Whenever they hear your domain name, they should be able to trace it to the core service you provide/offer. For example, if you are into brewing, choose a name that can describe that service you offer e.g. www.minibrew.oi


Below are some more smart tips on choosing a profitable domain name:

Here we have a more in-depth article on domain name decision: Top 5 Short Domain Name Generators

  • Avoid hyphenation or special characters /digits in the URL. e.g Sing4me.com, smalltips-bigincome.com
  • Go for the best, pay for the best
  • Search Dropped or Expired Domains (www.expireddomains.net)
  • Brainstorm
  • Try and get Exact Domain Match
  • Get A Keyword Rich domain name
  • Take notice of Copyright Issues
  • Make your domain related to your industry. Having a domain name DatingTips.com would be an absorb idea if you are going to start a blog for Electronic Appliances.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have some more smart tips to follow when getting a domain name, kindly comment below.

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