There is Money Everywhere, Discover How to Train Your Mind to See it

See Money Everywhere

Do you believe that? I mean that there is money everywhere around you. Anyways, this post is going to show you can train your mind to see it.

I will start by saying if you have a tertiary education, then congrats.

You have successfully trained your mind not to see money opportunities.

Unless you are from a rich family, I have found out that in most cases, people who have a degree usually have a hard time seeing “money opportunities” because they have been trained by the system to only see “job opportunities”

Now, I am not saying it is a bad thing to go to school.
I mentioned it because if you want to train your mind to start seeing money, you have to start by “untraining” it.

And you do that by understanding…

How Money is Made

All Money Is Made By Somebody Selling Something to Somebody Else!
Don’t argue because I will give you 1,000,000 examples to prove this single point.

  • A model sells her beauty.
  • A doctor sells his expertise.
  • A prostitute sells her body (and sex skills).
  • A test pilot sells his courage and expertise.
  • A factory worker sells his time and his minimum skills.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google sell advertising to business people.
  • Dangote sells salt, sugar, noodles, spaghetti and cement to Nigerians.
  • Even Nigeria sells crude oil to other countries to make money.

However, the part everyone gets wrong is: DECIDING ON WHAT TO SELL.

That is because you don’t just decide on what to sell.

You let the MARKET tell you what they want.

MARKET as written above means PEOPLE.

Why do people willingly pay money for something?

They do so because they believe that what they are paying money to get will help them do any of the 2 things below:


For the sake of emphasis, what I am saying is this:

All money is made by someone selling the solution to a problem people want to solve or by selling a desire people crave for.

However, you should also understand that:

Not all desires are money makers and not all problems are money makers.

The problems and desires that are money makers are the ones that people are willing to spend money on.

And you don’t determine this.

Instead, you are to find out what these problems and desires are from people.
You don’t say – “I like this desire, therefore people will be willing to pay money for it”

If you do that, you will definitely end up in the same pit of frustration and “brokedom” that several people before you have buried themselves in.

For example, many people will say – “I am passionate about DASH” – So, let me create a business around it.

That is “horse shit.”

You should only create a business around your passion if there are other people who are willing to invest money in it.
The good thing is that as long as we are in this world, there will always be problems and desires.

Some problems are evergreen and will always be money makers until the end of this world.

For example:

  • People will always have fertility issues.
  • People will always want to lose weight.
  • People will always have health problems.
  • There will always be security problems.

Also, some desires will always be evergreen.

For example:

  • People will want to be rich
  • Women will always want to look beautiful
  • Older people will always want to look and feel younger
  • People will want to travel and have great experiences

Also, as the world keeps developing, there are new problems and desires that are being created every day due to technology, war and other things happening around us. Plus, solving problems can be about how you can help people solve problems or achieve certain desires easier and faster.

For example:

Before now, we had taxis that help people with transportation problems.
But then UBER came up with the idea of using technology to help people make money (the Uber drivers) and also help passengers get safety and comfort while moving from one place to another.

Booking.com: The largest selection of hotels, homes, and vacation rentals
Big savings on hotels in 120,000 destinations worldwide. Browse hotel reviews and find the guaranteed best price on hotels for all budgets.
Booking made it very easy for people to search for and book hotels in almost anywhere in the world.

Whichever business you look at, you will see that

Making Money is Simply all about:

  • Solving problems.
  • Helping people satisfy their desires.
  • Helping people get faster and easier results.
  • Making results more comfortable for people.

Making money is all about adding value, the best way you can and then capture the value the smartest way you can.

Now that you understand how money is made, I am going to say this:

How to Train Your Mind to See and Make Money

In order to train your mind to see money opportunities everywhere, start exercising your “money brain” by doing this:

Anytime you come across a business (online or offline) that is making money, you should ask yourself – “How is this business making money? What problem are they solving or what desire are they helping people with?”

Basically – Be On The Lookout For “Problems” & Desires!
If you do this for a while, your brain will get used to it and you will find out that you begin to easily detect problems and desires everywhere.

At that point, you will only have to find out if the problem or desire is something people are willing to pay money for or if there is a BIG enough market for it.

So, being able to identify money opportunities is the first and most important thing.

Unfortunately, a lot of people can’t do this.

But then, converting that opportunity into a product or service is another thing. And selling that product or service is another thing entirely.

But it all starts with finding or identifying money opportunities.

And in many cases, some people/businesses have already created products that help people solve problems or get their desires. And they are at a point where they are faced with the problem of selling their products.

Personally, this as been my approach, my team can’t mention the number of times and how much I talk about value, value, value. And that’s basically how I make money as an Entrepreneur – helping people and businesses solve their problems (in various ways).

I hope this helped and now you really understand that there is money everywhere and your mind can now see it. A major portion of this content was developed with toyinomotoso.com tweet on Twitter.

Use the comment section below to tell me something you’ve learnt from this post and anything you’ll like to add.

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