Are you thinking of starting mini importation & e-commerce business but don’t know how OR you are already into it but you’re not making profit?
I’ve got good news…… You’re a step away from becoming a millionaire with this...

Master Guide On How To Make Over $1K monthly importing hot & fast selling products as low as $5 & reselling at higher price from the comfort of your home 

Using the formula in this guide, I make well over $1k (360k) on a monthly basis
 Too good to be true right? Check this out… The first 5 people currently using this guide have made well over 2million naira in profit within 4 months of starting

Dear Friend,

Let me be candid with you, this master guide is unlike every other materials out there…. I know you’ve heard about mini importation and e-commerce business.

You must be thinking that the industry is oversaturated, so no need venturing into it. Maybe you even have products that are taking forever to sell despite all the information available.

Well, information they say is power…. I’ll like to add that rightful application of the information is more power.

Okay, how about having 20units of prodcuts that cost a total of #18,500 (shipping & clearing inclusive) and you can sell a unit for #10000.  If you calculate it (20x10) = #300,000.... Just from an initial investment of #18,500. 

Let me add by saying that this is what you can achieve within a week by following the proven formula in this guide. All you need is access to the right kind of information.
This guide is easy to implement, failure-proof and guaranteed.

 Who Am I & Why Should You Listen To Me?

Well, my name is Adegoke Adeyeye, a common everyday guy, certified web developer, digital marketer, Internet & Affiliate Marketer, CEO of CreativeWox, Team Leader, STBI.

Years back I get paid only 12 times in a year  i.e I do 9 – 5 jobs with an IT firm until I Quit to focus and pursue my personal business and achieve my dreams. Mini Importation and E-Commerce business is just an arm of my online income streams which pays 6 figures monthly. Other sources include, affiliate marketing, web development, Online training etc

Take A Look At This...

In this guide, you will learn how to take advantage of the goodwill of platforms such Jumia, Konga etc to sell your products and make more money passively.

This products sells for $5 on AliExpress. Conversion Rate = $5 x 360 = N1800 Let’s assume we buy 10 pieces that will be 1800 x 10 = N18000 you might need to go for free shipping (30days) on AliExpress because their shipping rate is highnot too worry I will show you a site where you need not bother yourself about free shipping at all

Fast forward to Nigeria, let’s us see how much this product cost

 Imagine! The unit price of this product on Konga is N7500 (as against N1800)

 Waoh! This product sells for as high as N8,000 on Jumia (compare to N1800) 

If you invest a total of N18k, you sell a unit @N8k…. At the end of the day, you’ll be making a whopping sum of N62k as profit from a single product….. imagine if you have 10 of such products ..... thats big income with less stress
(this is possible within a single day.

This Guide Is For You If.....

  • Unemployed - You can bid lack and job hunting bye-bye by following this master importation guide
  • Student - Stop waiting for credit alerts from Daddy & Mummy before you can flex on campus
  • Undergraduate -  You can add the tag “young millionaire” to your certificate on your graduation day
  • Stay-at-home Mom - make your husband proud by assisting him financially, this business is for you
  • Youth Corper - say no monthly enslavement in the name of “white collar” jobs, be your own boss  
  • Need Passive Source of Income - make extra money daily without being actively involved

The juicy part of this business is

 Anybody can start by using this master guide and start earning “BIG”.

frankly speaking... you dont need

  • Millions of naira or huge capitalY 
  • To be a computer wizard or guru
  • Undergraduate -  To rent office space or shop

but you definitely need...

  • Positive mindset and determination
  • Starting capital as low as #10,000
  • Internet enabled laptop or smartphone
  • Payment means - MasterCard, Visa Card etc

Many failed or will fail in importation business because: They feel it’s a business they can start without being equipped with the right kind of information They can import any type of product they feel like without giving thought to the needs in the market.

This guide shows you the exact method that works, no wasting of money, time and energy 

Knowing and buying the product people want is one thing, ability to maximize profit by buying at cheapest price available is another

 If you have not given thought to this point, this might be one of the reasons you are still struggling. Not too long ago my wife bought a product from this “game changer” website for around #350 and sold each of these products for #15000 naira each. She imported 50 of this product and as we speak she has sold well over 20 pieces. She followed the details in this guide and now she is reaping the result.
My dear friend, this is a goldmine that you can explore and turn your financial fortunes around within a month and forever.

Here comes the Game Changer....

Take a look at this screenshot of same product from two different import websites

 Let’s do a bit of calculation, this will reveal why some are making it BIG while others struggle….
First site: $15.48 x 360  = N5,572.8 (using current Dollar/Naira exchange rate)
Second Site: Y10 x 59 = N590 (using current Yen/Naira exchange rate)  
Interesting right? Wait till I show you how much profit you’ll get if sold in Nigeria

  WAWU! You buy a product for N590 and sell for N9k…… That is MASSIVE! Selling 20 pieces of this product will give you gross income of N168,000 from initial capital of N11,800

and now to the real deal....


Master Guide On How To Make Over $1k Monthly
Importing And Selling Hot & Fast Selling Products

With this comprehensive guide to mini importation and e-commerce business….. You are one step away from making 6 – 7 figures/month importing products from China and selling in Nigeria without leaving your house….. Nothing Hidden!

 We have made this master guide both in PDF format & Video to show you the practical example of what you need to do and steps you need to take.   This is the same proven guide that has helped others to become millionaire … 
Closer to you than ever!

Sneak Preveiw OF What You Will Learn...

  • Introduction & Overview - This takes you through what to expect in this course. Get Instant Access
  • The Mindset - Developing A Positive Business Mindset
  • The Need Analysis – How to analyze people’s needs, problems and proffer solutions
  • Product Sourcing Like a Pro - Here you get to learn how to get quality, cheap, hot & fast selling products using my failure-proof technique.
  • Product Ordering Made Easy -  You will learn the ins& out of how to make order for your product through the new import portal, build solid relationship with sellers for maximum profit
  • Marketing On Steroids - Watch over my shoulder as I show you pwoerful ways to market your products on autopilot. Create effective Facebook Ads without wasting money, How to sell on Konga, Jumia and much more.... Grant Me Access Now
  • Hassle-Free Delivery - In this section, you'll discover how to get your products delivered straight to your doorstep, how to deal with delivery companies palava.
  • Get Them Coming Back! - In this module, you'll learn how to create a list of loyal cutomers, getting back to buy over and over again without ads
  • And Lots More.......

Ain't Done Yet......

 An eBook containing a step by step guide on how to run an effective and successful advert online, how to write a powerful sales copy to sell your products and more importantly, teaching you how to REINVEST. All these will set you up, establish and position your business to continue making perpetual income online.

WORTH… N20,000   But it’s a bonus for you!

Still Ain't Done......

 Automatic enrollment into the STBI Inner Circle (SIC) Facebook Group. This is the most informative group you would ever join. In the Inner Circle, we dish out premium tips on how to improve your business, make more money online, you get to interact with other circle members, and you’ll also get regular updates on latest and trending “money making ways”. All for FREE!

I'm About To Break Someone's Heart...

 As promising and juicy as this offer is, it’s not for everybody….. If any of the listed applies to you, this guide ain’t for you….I’m sorry
* Pessimistic
*You are lazy
* You won’t be committed to the doing this things in this guide
* You are not ready to take risk

On the contrary, if you are the type that readily take action at the slightest opportunity.....

Get This Failure-Proof Guide And Put It To Work Now!

 So, to encourage you to buy, I’ve got a deal for the first 50 people …. Buy at launch discount price of

Guess you might be thinking..... why so the low price? 

What you'll get in this guide is top quality, dont judge by the price. I am giving out discount price so as to get as many people as possible to benefit before going back to the original price of #20,000

Don’t Miss Out on this fabulous pre-launch offer – first 50 people

Take Action, Start Today

100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

How to Get Your Master Guide on Mini Importation & E-Commerce Business ….blueprint to earning over $1k/month

Secured Online Payment

It works anytime of the day…. 100% Safe & CBN Approved You Get Your Package Instantly, No Waiting, No Stopping!

 Upon successful payment, you’ll be redirected to a download page where you’ll be required to download your package

Bank Deposit, Internet/ATM Transfer/Mobile Money etc 

STEP 1: Make a deposit/transfer of N2,999 into;
Bank: Access Bank
Account Name: Adegoke Adeyeye.
Account No: 0762698671

STEP 2: After payment, send an email message (not text message. not phone call please!), containing YOUR NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER and Date of payment to:

As soon as we confirm your payment, we will forward you the package (download link) within 20 minutes.

Over To You.....

 Tick Tock, Time Waits For No One….. Your dream of becoming a millionaire is closer to you than ever!

It’s either you grab this opportunity with both hands or let it slip off. Make the best use of this rare opportunity to add more to your source of income you may not get a second chance.

If I were to advise you; the best decision you could make this year is to click the buy now button before the clock runs down… thank me later. I believe you are smart enough to make the right choice.

“Being broke may not be your fault but staying broke is definitely your choice”  

“Your problem is not really the problem. The main problem is your inaction”  

The earlier you take action, the better. Be Smart!

Can’t wait to see you on the inside and hear your success story.


Adegoke Adeyeye

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