Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria – Best Affiliate Programs With High Commission

best affiliate programs in nigeria

In this article, we’ll be looking at affiliate marketing in Nigeria and I will be sharing with you the best affiliate marketing programs with high commission in Nigeria. You will also get to know more about affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria: Introduction

The Internet is a potent tool for business growth, personal development, information sourcing, and source of income. The term “make money online” is now a household term on the lips of Internet users as the number of people making money online is increasing on a daily basis.

There are several opportunities online through which you can earn massive income. You can either go the route of selling physical products, digital products, rendering diverse services such as SEO Consulting, digital marketing and much more.

Some of these opportunities require little to no computer skill (having such skill is added advantage); making it an arena virtually any willing and determined individual can stroll into.

As stated above there are numerous means to earn online in Nigeria, while some of these methods require a level of technical knowledge or skill, others don’t, all you need is “common sense”.  One of such online business model that doesn’t require you to be a computer “guru” is AFFILIATE MARKETING.

Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria – Overview

Affiliate marketing is one of the biggest means of making money online in Nigeria.  You can actually enjoy huge cash flow straight into your bank account from the different high paying affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria.

The business model of Affiliate marketing is such that you make money (no limits) promoting other people’s products or services. The more sales you make, the more commissions you’ll be paid. It is as simple as that.

The good thing about this method of earning online is that; you can stay in your house and still engage in it, you are not location bound.

Years back, affiliate marketing in Nigeria used to be tedious, succeeding with it seems elusive. There are a scads of barrier you need to overcome such as “blacklisting of Nigeria from the list of accepted country on most popular affiliate programs, payment method difficulty and so on.

Thankfully, the above barriers to a very large extent have been solved. For payment method barrier, Payoneer has come to our rescue. With Payoneer, you can receive your affiliate earnings easily from virtually all affiliate networks or programs. Learn how to open a Payoneer account for free here

The issue of blacklisting is still there but there are several way around in place; but more importantly, there are several other lucrative affiliate programs you can choose from even as a Nigerian.

Having said all these, there remain a common challenge most people who want to start affiliate marketing business in Nigeria do face; ability to figure out good and high paying affiliate programs.

This post is the solution to your inability to determine which affiliate program to venture into.

So, in this article, I will reveal the best affiliate programs in Nigeria with high commission.

If you are at the cross road of choosing the best high paying affiliate program as a Nigeria, continue reading…..

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

Before I start showing the different affiliate programs that are Nigeria friendly, let me quickly highlight some (5) of the benefits of going into affiliate marketing business.

Benefit 1: Flexibility

Affiliate Marketing is one of the online business model that work on your own terms. Here’s what I mean.

Have you experienced those times when you don’t feel like doing anything at all than to spend time in front of your computer or television and watch just movies and no one will hold you responsible for that?

With the Affiliate Marketing Model you have complete control over how you work, what you do and when you do it – 100% Freedom.

Benefit 2:  Little Start-up Capital

Tell me any other business you can start or build for less than $10/month. In affiliate marketing, the usual startup cost could be your domain and website hosting. Domain will cost you around $12/year, while web hosting is somewhat $5/month, though you can still start affiliate marketing without owing a website. As much as affiliate marketing is not capital intensive, it requires dedication, consistency, time and above all…. Patience.

Benefit 3: You Get To Promote Products You Love

From experience, one notable thing about something you love is that you’ll never get bored doing it. You’ll do it over and over again. The same is true about affiliate marketing. If you buy a product and you get the result you desire, you can recommend such product to others and in the process make some cool cash.

I cover more benefits in this post…

In the light of the above benefits of affiliate marketing, let me show you the programs you can get started with today. I have grouped them into two local and international.

Let’s start from local, Nigeria… (charity begins at home )

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria

It is encouraging and good to know that some top Nigerian companies or brands are into affiliate marketing as a tool to further boost product sales and reach. Not only that, they also pay high commissions.

So if your website, blog or target audience is 9ja-based, you might want to go with these Nigeria centric affiliate programs

Jumia Affiliate Programs

affiliate marketing in nigeria - best affiliate programs with high commission

Jumia.com.ng is a large e-commerce website with a wide variety of products that cater to Nigerians. They are adjudged Nigeria’s No.1 and most trusted online shopping destination.

Interestingly, Jumia runs an affiliate program that pays affiliate marketers high commission on every product sold, thereby serving as a source of income. The products you promote depends on you; ranging from wears, electronics, fashion accessories etc. You get paid monthly directly into your bank account.

How Does Jumia Affiliate Program Work?

The affiliate process is simple and easy to use.

To get started, follow these steps:

  • Sign up as an affiliate marketer on the affiliate website.
  • Log in to your affiliate dashboard and choose product(s) to promote.
  • Enhance your affiliate income with promotional material such as, banners, deep links etc.
  • Promote your affiliate links on your blog/website, social media posts and via email marketing campaign.
  • If the visitor orders, the order will be registered as a sale for you.
  • The order will be reviewed and approved.
  • Your accrued commissions will be paid at the end of every month (minimum N10,000). Check here for Commission Payout details
  • Smile to the bank!

Click here to join Jumia Affiliate Program.

Konga Affiliate Program

affiliate marketing in nigeria - best affiliate programs with high commission

Konga.com is a close rival of Jumia. They have over 100,000 products you can promote as an affiliate marketer.

Konga Affiliate Programs is one of Nigeria’s topmost affiliate program that allows you to sell products to consumers and earn great commissions in return. Their commission is top notch, up to 9% commission on products sold.

The program is powered by Konga Affiliate Pro, the leading affiliate tracking software around. It uses a combination of cookies and IP address for referral tracking.

How Does Konga Affiliate Program Work?

It is quite easy and simple to join Kong Affiliate Program by following simple steps which are stated as follows:

Sign up by filling the sign-up form

Log in to your affiliate account dashboard to choose promotional material

Add your affiliate links on your blog, website, social media accounts and email promo newsletters.

The visitors IP is logged and a 30 days cookie is placed in their browser for tracking purposes.

If the visitor orders (cookies and IPs are stored indefinitely), it will be counted for you.

Konga will review and approve the sale.

You will receive up to 9% commission payouts at the end of the month (minimum N10,000). Simple as that!

Join Konga Affiliate Program.

 Glo Affiliate Program

affiliate marketing in nigeria - best affiliate programs with high commission

Glo Affiliate Program is an affiliate marketing program developed by Globacom, Nigerian telecommunication giant. The aim of the program is to enable Glo subscribers earn cool cash by marketing their products.

Signing up for the Glo Affiliate Program gives you the opportunity to become their mobile money agent and earn cool cash.

As a mobile money agent, your duty is register sim card of subscribers, offer mobile money services, i.e cash in and cash out, selling of airtime, data and bill payments.


  • You must have a registered Glo sim card
  • Smartphone
  • Social Media presence to enable you promote products

Signing up is simple. Sign up via this link, fill the registration form accurately. You will be contacted with more details after registering

Bet9ja Affiliate Program

affiliate marketing in nigeria - best affiliate programs with high commission

Bet9ja is a force to reckon with when it comes to sports betting in Nigeria. Also on the site, you get to play casino, enjoy virtual gaming experience and the popular Bet9ja League.

The Bet9ja Affiliate Program is juicy and irresistible not only because a lot of people are into sports betting but they offer members a 50% revenue share in the first month of joining.

All you have to do to enjoy these numerous offers is to simply register for their affiliate program. You will be given a unique affiliate link (id) for your promotions.

You stand a chance to get up to 20% of the amount your referral loses and won on the platform.

Register for Bet9ja Affiliate Program

More Best Affiliate Marketing Programs with high commission in Nigeria

WhoGoHost Affiliate Program

affiliate marketing in nigeria - best affiliate programs with high commission

WhoGoHost is a web solutions company and has grown to become one of the top go-to web hosting companies in Nigeria. They serve clients both within and outside the country.

With WhoGoHost affiliate program, you’ll get as much as 15% of the amount paid by via your affiliate/referral link and you can withdraw directly into your bank account if you have made a minimum of N3000.

WhoGoHost Affiliate Program will creit your account with N500 for signing up. That’s nice.

Start your WhoGoHost Affiliate Program Now

Wakanow Affiliate Program

affiliate marketing in nigeria - best affiliate programs with high commission

Wakanow.com is one of Africa’s leading travel agencies. In their attempt to promote their different travel packages, Wakanow.com Affiliate Program was designed.

As an affiliate on their site, you can sell travel products (hotels, airport pick-ups, flight, tour packages etc).

The range of products under their affiliate program include:

  • More than 508,000 domestic and International hotels (Up to 40% discount on Hotel Rack Rates)
  • Domestic and International Airlines (Discounts on every Airline)
  • Visa processing services (Discounts up to 20% on Wakanow.com rates)
  • Airport pickup services in over 45,000 locations (Up to 5% discount on Wakanow.com rates)
  • Holiday Packages (Up to 10% Discount on Wakanow.com rates)

The deal breaker for me is that you can control pricing based on your negotiations with your customers.

Start selling travel products and start earning cool cash via Wakanow Affiliate Program.

 Web4Africa Affiliate Program

affiliate marketing in nigeria - best affiliate programs with high commission

Just like WhoGoHost, Web4Africa is a professional web hosting registrar with headquarter in Ghana. They offer reseller hosting package and shared hosting on both Windows and Linux platforms.

Their affiliate program gives you the opportunity to refer customers to buy any of their hosting plans, domain names and get commission. You are only paid when the person you referred makes any transaction on their platform.

Getting started is simple;

  • Sign up is free
  • Log in to your affiliate dashboard and choose products to promote
  • Get promotional materials like referral links, banners to enhance your promotions
  • Use your affiliate links on your blog, social media handles or in email campaigns
  • Any order via your affiliate will be reviewed and approved for you
  • You earn 10% commission on every sale

Sign up for Web4Africa Affiliate Program Here

Let’s go international and earn some cool cash via affiliate marketing as a Nigerian


Top International Affiliate Programs For Nigerians

 Amazon Affiliate Program

affiliate marketing in nigeria - best affiliate programs with high commission

Amazon Affiliate is highly popular. Amazon.com is the largest e-commerce website in the world with varieties of products.

On the Amazon main website, you can join their affiliate program called Amazon Associates Program. There is virtually no physical product you want to promote that you won’t find in this program. This gives you the room to flourish in your affiliate marketing business.

It is something you can start as Nigeria. You can use Payooner card to withdraw your commissions.

I am working on a detailed course on How To Start And Earn Big As An Amazon Affiliate Marketer. Just sign up to my mailing list to get notified once its ready.

Aliexpress Affiliate Program

affiliate marketing in nigeria - best affiliate programs with high commission

Aliexpress is a top e-commerce website with millions of products, buyers from over 200 countries and over 130,000 sellers. Join the Aliexpress Affiliate Program for free and promote to customers in over 200 countries. On this platform, the only thing stopping you from earning up to $10,000 every month is you.

Join Aliexpress Affiliate Program

Grammarly Affiliate Program

affiliate marketing in nigeria - best affiliate programs with high commission

Grammarly is an exceptional writer’s tool which is considered a must have for every writers. This tool helps you write an error and plagiarism free articles.

Start promoting the premium package by referring people to buy and you’ll get paid your commission in dollars

Get paid in dollars with Grammarly Affiliate Program

MarketHealth Affiliate Program

affiliate marketing in nigeria - best affiliate programs with high commission

The health niche is a goldmine. Promoting health-related products will earn you big commission within a short period of time. One of the best health affiliate program to promote is MarketHealth Affiliate Program. They offer leading health and beauty products and offer high pay to affiliate marketers.

Using your blog, you can promote health, beauty, supplement, weight loss and skin care products and get via Payoneer card.

Other Affiliate Networks you might want to consider joining. These networks offer varieties of products from diverse sellers.

ShareASale Affiliate Program

Commission Junction Affiliate Network

Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria – Conclusion

There you have it.

If affiliate marketing is something you want to venture into; you have just been given the license to succeed.

So, tap into these best affiliate marketing programs with high commission in Nigeria, make good use of this information and start making money online without restrictions.

If this article has been helpful, share with a friend to share with another friendJ and don’t forget to follow us on our social media handles.

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