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Hey, welcome to STBI (Small Tips Big Income) – the home for those wanting to make money online by exploring affiliate marketing, designing stunning websites, starting a blog, creating info products. You’ll learn how to build, grow and make profit doing online businesses.


Do You Dream of Making Money Online?

If you dream of starting and making a living from online businesses you’re in the right place!
STBI is all about inspiring, sharing and supporting newbies to create a sustainable online business that not only exist but one which build income streams for the owner.
We share with you in the simplest form, easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide on different, viable and legitimate online businesses you can start today. You will also learn how to generate ideas, harness and monetize your skills for optimal return.

The Birth of STBI

This platform came into existence after identifying the challenges newbies face regarding making passive income online. It’s launched to help more people live comfortably earning passively online.
The focus areas include; Affiliate marketing, Blogging, Online Course Creation, Information Products and Web Development.
You will be loaded with tips, guides and tools that are relevant and practical, along with how to be successful using them. You will be exposed to practical approaches of making money online. It’s time to guide you to making your financial freedom dream a reality.
Let’s focus on why you are here…..

What Do You Need Help With?

Most newbies are confused which way to go because of the numerous information out there. Beginners in online businesses are faced with some challenges or needs.
As a result, we’ve organized the site into 5 portals to help you find the area that best suits your need or interest.

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